Life as a space cadet


Everyone fears an internship may involve weeks of making the tea and admin duties like photocopying, filing ….  I can tell you that here, it isn’t like that.

Like you, I wanted an internship where I would actually learn; gain insight about how the industry works, and experience at first -hand ‘agency life’.  Here at Space, I found they respected that.

When I first started, I was given the opportunity to work on various high profile accounts, as well as being involved in research for new business pitches. All these accounts were different in their own way, letting me dip my toes into all aspects of live, integrated and experiential marketing. I was invited to brainstorms and client meetings - gaining an insider view of how an agency works - understanding the brief, and being exposed to both the creative and strategic process to make a project work. 

The work Space got me doing was fun, varied and engaging - researching festivals for brand activation for Arla Foods, organising the production of real showers in the middle of shopping centres (!) for NIVEA, and finding Italian food vendors for a street food festival for Birra Moretti, to name just a few. 

The highlight for me has to be sourcing micro-piggies to run around a mini racecourse at for Coral Racing for the CheltehHAM festival campaign! The project meant I was even allowed to go to my first ever film shoot, and filming the pigs run around the racecourse was … interesting to say the least! Not many interns can say they had first- hand experience of filming micro-pigs! 

Even better is that everyone at Space is dynamic, supportive, encouraging and most importantly they really want you to grow - which makes for a great work environment to thrive in. I’ve honestly learnt so much about the industry through Space – and still continue to every day. The work is innovative, creative, fast-paced and full of diverse projects that you can really get your teeth into. 

With such a great environment and exciting work, I can recommend it - and if you prove yourself - an internship here can lead to even better things …

Steph Haigh, Account Executive