Applied Technique

Applied Technique

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Enhance the commercial value and fan appeal of Bundesliga worldwide


Sports properties exist in a highly competitive world, vying for eyeballs to strengthen their commercial value and fan appeal. Our solution sought to acquire new fans for Bundesliga by creating content showing that as well as their famous fan-owned clubs, passionate crowds and sold-out grounds, it’s an incredibly diverse and entertaining league with some of the world’s best players.

We heroed the sublime skill of these star players through a rare close-up view that unpacked, slowed down and showcased what they process in a split second on the pitch. ‘Applied Technique’ gave fans the kind of view they don’t see within the melee of live TV, showing the science and pure poetry behind those moments of magic. 

We visited the top Bundesliga clubs to deconstruct each player's core skills in super slow motion, then overlaid dynamic, motion-graphic data to analyse the awesome individual skills the players bring to this iconic league. Then, to prove that practise makes perfect, we juxtaposed in-game footage of our players in action at the highest level, demonstrating the technique that makes Bundesliga 'Football as It's Meant to Be'.

In total we created 32 different 45" player edits featuring stars such as Lewandowski, Aubameyang, Vidal and Naby Kaita. Ready-made for broadcast partners around the world, the films will be used on their social platforms in the build-up to the weekend's matches to build buzz and ultimately help grow TV ratings. The work will also feature across all the Bundesliga's global platforms.

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