Journey into the Mind of The Malt Master

Journey into the Mind of The Malt Master

Virtual Reality Campaign




Immerse a new generation of whisky drinkers in the mastery and craft of Glenfiddich.

(Not playing in 3D? It could be your web browser - this technology is best viewed in Google Chrome).


We’re inviting whisky lovers to take a Glenfiddich distillery tour. But, rather than bring them to Glenfiddich’s Dufftown home, we’re taking Dufftown to them, wherever they are in the world, via a spectacular virtual reality tour with a real difference.

Using an ambitious mixture of techniques never attempted in one VR film, including CGI, live action and 360-drone footage, viewers are taken on a sensorial ‘Journey into the Mind of the Malt Master’. Here, they soar above the beautiful Scottish countryside and then plunge into the distillery, where steaming copper pot stills slide past, fermenters fall from the sky, and the iconic Glenfiddich stag even makes an appearance.  

Although Glenfiddich is renowned for pushing the boundaries of whisky convention, the perception persists that it’s a brand for the older generation.  This highly innovative and groundbreaking distillery tour successfully challenges this perception to build on the brand’s rich heritage. 

The film is being used in a series of experiential tasting events, bars and travel retail environments across the world. Additionally, the film lives online and features across the brand’s social channels, utilising VR functionality on YouTube and Facebook.

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