Lufthansa Premium Economy App

Lufthansa Premium Economy App

Application Design




Dramatise the benefit of the new Lufthansa Premium Economy class.


Whilst there are many benefits associated with Premium Economy, we boiled down the core reason for upgrading to the extra comfort from the 50% extra space you receive vs standard Economy class.

With a very limited media spend and a tech savvy millennial target group, we built our strategy from the smartphone out and contextualised the extra 50% space using an Augmented Reality app. The app recreated the chair and the space around it, augmented with fun objects inspired by route destinations.

We were the first brand in the world to incorporate a user generated marker needing just a pen and paper, removing a traditional barrier to AR engagement - obtaining the marker.

Awareness of the app was driven at a local level, again using a smartphone-out approach leveraging social media advertising to cost effectively promote downloads.


Downloaded over 10,000 times in 75 different territories/markets

Over 85% of growth has been organic

4+ Star App Store rating

Booking levels and flown revenues have significantly exceeded expectations

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