NBA Sundays

NBA Sundays

Branding and Identity




Create a unique campaign identity to deliver NBA Sundays to the EMEA market.


NBA Sundays was the first time that the NBA would broadcast Basketball games throughout the season specifically for the EMEA audience; Selected games on Sunday live just after lunchtime in America to be broadcast at primetime across 20 major EMEA sports broadcasters.

The NBA Sundays’ ‘glass block’ concept was designed to bring to life the glitz and glamour of the NBA, whist being a slick show opening and in keeping with the NBA’s in-game content. The glass blocks also provided a flexible format to hold NBA team logos, broadcaster content and importantly maintain a consistent style between on air, digital and offline communications.

Game promo stings, broadcast intros, break bumpers formed the main game content which also included replay wipes and in-play graphics.

Press advert templates, digital assets incl. multiple online display formats and social media templates were created for broadcasters to use across their inventory to promote each game. All were supplied with guidelines.


The first time that an unified identity covering online, offline and in game has been achieved 

Positive feedback from sponsors, key NBA partners and broadcasters

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