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To reinforce the pure and refreshing taste of Cravendale.


Having recognised that the greatest milk connoisseurs are, in fact, children themselves, we set about creating some content that would best reflect this.

Cravendale is renowned for being filtered for a purer, fresher taste, so what better way to communicate this than to show our connoisseurs mimicking grown-ups enjoying a refreshing pint in their local.

Welcome to The Holy Cow, your local pub with a difference. Here, there’s only Cravendale on tap, and only half pints of pure refreshment are served to kids re-enacting everyday pub scenes. So we see the old man at the bar, the guy who’s just arrived after work in full cycling gear, the couple and even a group of boisterous lads enjoying a round of shots as they celebrate a birthday.

As the audience draw inevitable comparisons with their own experiences, they cannot help but enjoy the innocence and purity of it all, as the kids perform a filtered rendition of such universal moments. In the process, the kids are helping to build brand equity by conveying the product’s benefits. The short social film lives on the Cravendale YouTube channel.

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