Häagen-Dazs trials mobile e-commerce service with Space

Häagen-Dazs is the first ice-cream brand to move into automated product delivery with its new mobile e-commerce technology ‘Häagen-Dazs NOW’. The service enables ice-cream to be ordered and delivered into the hands of consumers when out-and-about by using an innovative combination of proven mobile technologies. The brand is trialling the service in Russell Square, London, offering people a chance to order and enjoy its ice creams without having to leave their spot. Visitors to Russell Square will be among the first to try out this new e-commerce service, created by creative agency Space. Through a chatbot conversation platform in Facebook Messenger to place the order, web-based geolocation APIs then pinpoints the exact location through the mobile browser, with swift real-time syncing of data through web sockets to provide a seamless mobile e-commerce solution. The technology also enables Häagen-Dazs to know the exact delivery location, even if the consumer is not standing still, and the consumer can see how far away their ice cream is – all in real-time.

“’Häagen-Dazs NOW’ is a first for the ice-cream category, tapping into the growing trend for geo-targeted services. We’re testing it to inform future consumer engagement plans, each of which aim to make every day extraordinary for our consumers. Who wouldn’t want a delicious Häagen-Dazs ice cream delivered to their exact spot at a summer event?.”
A General Mills spokesperson

David Atkinson, Managing Partner at Space, adds: “The future potential of geo-targeting is very exciting. General Mills is an innovative business and it’s a pleasure to be given the opportunity to create ground-breaking initiatives together. This activity provides evidence of our collective consumer-centricity and a desire to provide utility and advantage to our consumers.”

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