The World's Most Rubbish Bar

A zero-waste luxury cocktail experience

Discarded Spirits Co.

Discarded Spirits Co. is a zero-waste spirits brand.

Their product range is created by re-using conventionally ‘wasted’ ingredients to champion the circular economy. Their brand identity is built around the beautiful potential of waste and, as they look to scale up fast, they wanted to bring this purpose to life by pioneering a new kind of sustainability within an industry that is inherently wasteful.

To encompass their pioneering spirit, we created ‘The World’s Most Rubbish Bar’ – an immersive and endlessly creative cocktail experience that reframes how people perceive waste. Taking place during London Cocktail Week, Discarded offered a new approach to a luxury experience whilst testing their concept ‘The Discarded Circular Cocktail Economy’.

A fully immersive and sold-out event, no detail was spared to demonstrate the beauty of waste. Cocktails were crafted from local waste and furniture was sourced from the trash. Menus, uniforms, a bar made from recycled pub floorboards, and entire art installations – in collaboration with sustainable artist Sally Hogarth – were created from what others had perceived beyond use.

Partnering with world-renowned bars The Nomad, Lyaness, Silo, Artesian, Eve Bar and The Gate, we educated guests and trade on how to deliver excellence in waste-free experiences.

Alongside stunning collaborations, we concepted three themed rooms around Discarded’s hero waste free products. With the Discarded Ambassadors as your guides, guests explored the worlds of our three delicious zero-waste Discarded spirits, your senses transported from the Chardonnay vineyards of Spain to the coffee fields of Colombia and finally, to the Caribbean jungle.

Outside the event, Discarded drove brand awareness through PR and influencer campaigns by prioritising pleasure within a sustainable category. In place of overly earnest sustainable brands, the experience positioned Discarded as a brand consumers would naturally choose.

The campaign was the key driving force behind Discarded’s 2021 development – fuelling a 380% growth over the course of the year. Outside of the sold-out event, the brand was introduced to 20 million new consumers through PR and social media activity.

Exceeding predictions, the campaign penetrated London-centric media, including coverage in Time Out, Secret London, City AM, Evening Standard and Metro.

Discarded achieved success by initiating a dialogue within an industry that is inherently wasteful. The ‘Waste is Beautiful’ creative platform and The World’s Most Rubbish Bar has established the blueprint for a new circular cocktail economy. One that combines luxury, culture, art and delicious drinks. One that audiences will naturally choose and one that is already beginning to shift an entire industry.

And, they’re just getting started. After all, the end is our beginning.