Piazza Birra Moretti at BST Festival

Bringing Birra Moretti to life with a distinctive and memorable brand experience

Birra Moretti

Our busy lives often mean that we struggle to prioritise those who should matter most. Embracing a central theme of Italian culture, Birra Moretti reminds us to make #timeforwhatmatters by sharing quality moments with our closest friends and family.

Returning to British Summer Time for its third year in 2019, we created the ideal environment to showcase the Birra Moretti brand and what it stands for. And, in doing so, raised the bar in festival experiences to an even more immersive and memorable level.

Taking inspiration from where Italians spend their quality time, we built an authentic Italian Piazza in Hyde Park complete with bars, food stalls and shops and welcomed over 400,000 festivals goers to “Piazza Birra Moretti” over 10 days.

For added authenticity, we even brought the Piazza to life with surprise theatrical performances from characters such the cheeky waiter, the chatty deli owner and the charming milliner.

They engaged with our audience and made them central to the experience leaving a distinctive and memorable impression of Birra Moretti; helping maintain its position as the UK’s fastest growing lager brand.