Where Next?

Creating a distinctive and memorable global brand platform


Since 1886, Glenfiddich has challenged convention to break new ground and establish new practices in single malt whisky for others to follow. To encompass Glenfiddich’s legacy whilst building for the future, we were tasked with creating a unifying, memorable and distinctive identity that could be expressed around the world.

The idea would form the first global platform for Glenfiddich and completely re-imagine the legacy brand for generations to come.

Aligning with an entrepreneurial audience who share Glenfiddich’s progressive roots – we interviewed “Mavericks” around the world to uncover what drives them. Across the USA, Taiwan and South Africa, we embarked on an ethnographic research project to uncover a universal insight that would form the core of Glenfiddich’s strategy.

Growth only comes from taking risks. This mindset inspired the brand’s first global platform, Where Next?

The brand’s historic icon – The Stag – became a symbol of this as we turned its annual loss of antlers into a metaphor for embracing the unknown, centralised through a hero TVC which illustrates the Stag’s journey from vulnerability to strength.

Across all executions, the ‘Where Next?’ campaign reimagines the brand’s traditional iconography in a new context, with epic landscapes paired with a minimalist feel to mirror the trends emerging from modern luxury. Clean simplicity, framing and the use of white space to help elevate our visuals and convey a premium touch to all media executions

A final toolkit was shared and activated globally, informing all comms across all touchpoints in all markets – across OOH, print, social, TVC and digital executions. The work was initially rolled out across India, China, Australia, Taiwan, Korea, Nigeria and the US – a pioneering marketing project that has created a bold and revitalising direction for the brand. The work will see its pan-European launch, which included the UK in Q3/4 2021.

Collaborating with production house The Mill and directed by Phillipe André through Independent films, ‘The Stag’ marks a modernisation of Glenfiddich’s heritage. Drawing on the brand’s rich history but looking to the future, to capture both in a story of The Stag for the here and now. Iconic and powerful but also connecting with its fear and trepidation. Whilst set against the epic Highland backdrop and the modern city – both very much a part of the brand – leaves a distinctive image.